A complete system of aluminum roofing and façade for creativity that lasts in time!

Sacap srl was born in 1976 and rapidly confirmed its mission of leadership in the production of rainwater systems and metals for gutter production. On the cutting edge for research and technology, Sacap srl proposes today a wide range of aluminum products with the IOROI brand, for modern ventilated roofing and façades and accessories of latest generation.

Aluminum of extreme malleability and resistance

Diamond or rectangular shingles are perfect for renovation in roofing, combining architectural tradition and properties of resistance and lightness of the aluminum. With IOROI you can personalise the building envelope choosing from different formats and colours available and with the maximum creativity.

Double lock standing seam roofing or single lock standing seam façades

IOROI aluminum is the ideal product for the most modern systems for roofing and façades with a great architectural aspect. The extreme malleability and resistance of its alloy make IOROI aluminum perfect for the development and production of every standing seam system, both for complex double lock standing seam covering and for elegant single lock standing seam façades.

The shingle element for recovering or new buildings

Thanks to its extremely reduced weight and to its particular hidden fixing system the shingle element can be used both for recovering and for new buildings, obtaining elegant solutions and with no need of maintenance.

Interlocking panels for ventilated façades

Interlocking panels, available in different combinations of height and joint width, can be a perfect solution for a modern system of ventilated façade and a very good solution to renovate buildings, even industrial ones, which have to be restored.

A complete range of accessories for every gutter production

The IOROI range offers also all the useful accessories to manage freely and safely the rainwater collection.